Glasses Repair & Troubleshooting

Glasses Repair and Troubleshooting

It is common that problems can occur with your glasses after you purchase them. The best way to insure your happiness with your eyeglasses is to purchase them from a reputable retailer who guarantees your satisfaction with replacement or refund policy.

Have your ever encountered problems like these:

Broken frames

  1. Glasses dropping down easily?
  2. Uneven alignment of your frames, spectacles, glasses?
  3. Missing nosepad?
  4. Bent frames?
  5. Broken hinges?
  6. Dislocated temple?
  7. Snapped frames?
  8. End-tips or rubber wear and tear?

It is always a hassle because you either have to DIY it and possibly break them, live in discomfort for the rest of your life or buy a new frame. Don’t worry, we are here to help. Our specialist repairs service is swift and reliable, and we stock thousands of different spare parts suitable for many brands.

We repair spectacles and sunglasses, new and old, of any brand. Both metal and plastic materials can be fixed, in full frame, rimlon, and rimless shapes.

We repair any part of your spectacles such as: fronts, bridges, pads and arms, sides and temples, joints, hinges, spring hinges, hoods, rims, etc.

Even if lenses cannot be repaired, we can replace them for both spectacles and sunglasses. For sunglasses, we can replace both non-prescription and prescription lenses. We also offer a limited warranty on the repair work.

We perform most repairs in 1-2 days. Some complex repairs will take longer. We can also provide Express Glasses Service (usually within 30 minutes)

Our focus is repairing, modifying and making eye wear. We also continuously research and learning new equipment and techniques, striving to improve the process and experience for our customers with their eyeglass repair needs.

We can help bring your old frames back to live and help you save money by not having the buy an entirely new frame. Keep the spectacles that are precious to you!


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