JAPONISM was launched in 1996 as the flagship brand of Boston Club Co., Ltd., a company specialized in eyeglass frame design that has been based in Japan for more than 30 years. The concept of the product line, which was named Neoclassical, consisted of making Japanese eyeglasses that expressed the capacities inherent to unique technologies from Japan. JAPONISM has now become the main brand of Japanese-made eyeglasses in Asia, Europe, and North America.

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A quality product is a product that features both simplicity and superior functionality. JAPONISM has a much broader meaning than just ‘Japanese style.’ It is a set of values that comes from the unique Japanese aesthetic sensibility; a set of values that was totally new to the Western world. The Japonism Projection series values this principle and has been developed based on the theme of high-durability products that provide great satisfaction.
Manufacturing a pair of JAPONISM Projection eyeglasses requires more than 5 months and 400 operations. The majority of these operations are performed manually by craftspeople with dozens of years of experience. The manufacture of our frames requires a great deal of effort, time and dedication. The eyeglasses that are produced are the quintessence of craftsmanship.

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