“The challenge of keeping it simple” would be a great motto for Minima, experts in high-end eyewear for over 30 years. The sleek and elegant designs of the Minima collections camouflage technical mastery. It is within its very factory in Ile-de-France, that the company invents and presents many new concepts in eyewear: five patent applications to prove it. Minima has been rewarded many times by eyecare professionals for its high-tech, high-quality collections, and is recognized worldwide.

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All feature the Minima signature style: sleek and smart, quite “simply” elegant.
For men and women, retro glasses contrasting with coloured models, the ultralight models versus XXL models, the favourite models eye up the invisible ones, while titanium makes a case for its ultra-lightness, acetate unmasks its colours and metal demonstrates its elegance.
Frames for children are designed in collaboration with eye-care professionals and therefore offer the assurance of flawless technical quality that meets the needs of the morphological requirements of 0 to 8 year olds. This technical achievement, coupled with an aesthetic and innovative design, which makes it easier for children to want to wear glasses.

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